Reusable Plastic Products


Plastic is a versatile and durable material. Its durability becomes a problem if it’s designed for a single use. It’s estimated around 8% (or 252,000 tonnes) of what ends up in Aotearoa’s landfills each year is discarded plastic; the majority being packaging from imported goods.

Eco Choice Aotearoa’s standard for Reusable Plastic Products is designed to reduce plastic waste, encourage reusable alternatives, decrease reliance on virgin plastic, minimise landfill burden and pollution. It also promotes resource conservation, and protects human health by prohibiting phthalates of concern, BPA and intentionally added microplastics.

The standard covers a wide variety of products including:

  • Food and beverage containers such as reusable lunch boxes, coffee cups and drink bottles
  • Non-food containers such as buckets, waste bins, storage containers, detergent bottles
  • General household or office products
  • Children’s toys
  • Flexible packaging
  • Reusable plastic bags and sheets that are designed for multiple uses or long life (for example, not courier bags)
  • Recreational equipment, playground equipment or sports gear
  • Horticultural supplies such as flower pots, trays, garden edging, wheel barrows and compost bins
  • Fence posts
  • Construction materials

Eco Choice Aotearoa takes a lifecycle approach with all its product and service standards; considering the sourcing of raw materials, through to manufacture, application and end-of-life.

Applicants must have an effective product stewardship scheme in place, or show evidence they’re working towards one. In addition, companies must monitor and report on emissions, waste, energy and water usage.



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