Textiles, Skins and Leather


Eco Choice Aotearoa’s standard for Textiles, Skins and Leather covers products including:

  • Clothing and apparel made from natural and synthetic fibres;
  • Home textiles such as curtains and upholstery;
  • Industrial filters or protective gear;
  • Leather goods such as footwear, bags, and furniture

An estimated 220,000 tonnes of clothes and textiles are sent to Aotearoa’s landfills each year. This doesn’t include the 4,000 tonnes dropped off at op-shops (with WasteMinz estimating 50% of what isn’t sold, is thrown out anyway, due to low quality and/or poor condition)

Eco Choice Aotearoa’s comprehensive guidelines for Textiles, Skins and Leather aims to:

  • Encourage responsible sourcing and traceability;
  • Restrict harmful substances (including heavy metals and pesticides);
  • Ensure responsible water and energy usage;
  • Articulate requirements around animal welfare;
  • Increase the durability of products and minimise waste
textiles skins and leather


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