Procure better with Eco Choice Aotearoa

Sustainable procurement is about making conscious choices when acquiring the goods and services your business needs to operate.  It means going beyond simply getting the best price and considering the environmental and social impact of your purchasing too.  

Sustainable procurement has many benefits:

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and waste;
  • It weeds out/ prevents modern slavery and other human rights abuses;
  • Strengthens your organisation’s ESG commitments;
  • Improved risk management;
  • Long-term economic savings through more durable and efficient purchases;
  • Fosters a more sustainable marketplace and scales ‘green’ innovations

Eco Choice Aotearoa takes the hard work out of sustainable procurement. All certified goods are subject to our strict standards and independent, onsite audits – giving you all the assurance you need to buy better.

That’s how we build a cleaner, more responsible future – one purchase at a time.

Download the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) sustainable procurement brochure.

Sustainable procurement

Eco Choice Aotearoa provides an unmatched level of assurance

Eco Choice Aotearoa’s ecolabel is awarded to environmentally preferable products and services, offered by companies committed to our voluntary standards and who’ve agreed to regular onsite audits. 

The ecolabel cannot be bought, and proudly operates without fear or favour.