Chemical Solutions

30 years ago, Chemical Solutions were founded on a bit of a radical notion: that a company can be successful in a marketplace by developing and manufacturing safe and environmentally responsible cleaning products. However, they knew that formulating great cleaning products is not enough. They set out to reinvent the way their products are made while working towards their environmental performance goals – the main one being reducing waste to landfill. Eco Choice Aotearoa worked with Chemical Solutions to not only understand and measure their waste, but actively reduce it. Chemical Solutions have now incorporated 100% recycled bottles into their Eco Choice Aotearoa licensed Kemsol Green product range. This switch replaces about 65,000 virgin plastic 5L bottles every year and can still be recycled again after their initial use. “For the longest time we have been looking for options to launch a recycling program for our customers, however this has not been possible due to many locations not having the facilities and the shipping to other areas to recycle just not being feasible. This is where the recycled bottles initiative came in – it was a way for us to decrease our virgin plastic material waste impact,” explains Chemical Solutions’ General Manager Jason Taljard. Though the switch comes with additional costs, like $10,000 for machine adjustments and bottles that are 8% pricier, the company sees it as a valuable investment for long-term environmental benefits.