Responsible Workplace


Aotearoa New Zealand must do more to tackle the triple-threat of biodiversity loss, climate change and pollution. Workplaces are not exempt from that responsibility.

Office-based, professional services have a considerable impact on the environment including, but not limited to: energy and water usage, carbon emissions, waste, fleet and travel, and goods and services procured. That’s why Eco Choice Aotearoa has created a framework for best practice – Responsible Workplace.

When an organisation is awarded this certification, it represents not just a commitment to Papatūānuku, but to a future worth passing on to our rangatahi.

Being certified as a Responsible Workplace provides benefits such as:

  • Third-party verification of your organisation’s environmental action/ social accountability;
  • The ability to communicate progress to stakeholders in a clear and transparent way;
  • Direct linkages to initiatives like the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Assistance in identifying and addressing sustainability issues and striving for continuous improvement;
  • Attracting & retaining top talent (a 2023 Deloitte survey found more than half of Gen Z and millennials, research a company’s environmental impact and policies before accepting a job with them);
  • Inclusion in Eco Choice Aotearoa’s procurement advice and Product/ Service Finder.
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