Plaster and Plasterboard Products


Eco Choice Aotearoa’s standard for Plaster and Plasterboard products is designed to address the use of hazardous ingredients and encourage recycling and reuse.

Discarded plasterboard is not just wasteful, it can also release toxic gas and leach dangerous sulphates into our groundwater. Further, construction and deconstruction waste makes up at least half of what ends up in this country’s landfills.

Products eligible for this certification include natural and synthetic plasterboard products, and interior plaster products.

Cement-based plaster and surface coatings, composed mainly of cementing materials and fine sand, are included under EC-43-18 Concrete.

Eco Choice Aotearoa takes a lifecycle approach with all its product and service standards; considering the sourcing of raw materials, through to manufacture, application and end-of-life.

Applicants must have an effective product stewardship scheme in place, or show evidence they’re working towards one. In addition, companies must monitor and report on emissions, waste, energy and water usage.

Eco Choice Aotearoa’s standard for Plaster and Plasterboard Products is recognised by both the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) and Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).



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